Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome SPRING!!!!

This is my front flower bed.  Doesn't that look LOVELY!!!  And this is about 30 minutes into the job, when I finally thought about taking a before pic.  Last year we actually planted different kinds of lettuce in this bed, but I'd like it to be pretty, colorful flowers this year.

EVERY single year (for the past three years lol) I get SO excited when the weather starts warming up, I just can NOT wait to get out and start playing in the dirt.  And every year I get in a hurry and start planting in mid March.  Can you guess what happens next?  That's right.  This is Oklahoma, folks.  Snow.  Or ice.  Or even just a good freeze.  In April.  So this year, I've vowed not to start planting outside until it gets warm and STAYS warm.  We'll see how that goes.  Also, every year, I get the flower beds looking pretty good, then get tired of the keep-up by, say, um....first of May.  Another thing I've vowed to myself.  DO NOT GET TIRED OF THE KEEP-UP.

But last Sunday after church and a scrumptious lunch at Carlito's, I dusted off the 'ole gardening gloves and got to work.

I loved it.  It really is fun.  And this flower bed is right outside our two big front windows, so it's pretty nice to look out at a clean flower bed.  And it'll just get prettier as the season goes.

This is one of my hyacinth girls that I thought didn't make it last year.  The cold, hard truth is: I know nothing about gardening.  But I'm learning a little more every year.  :)  Below is an after pic of what I did that evening.  I'll upload more as the season goes.  Shane has also planted (in pots inside for now) LOTS of veggies and flowers.

See why I can't wait to start planting?? :)

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