Friday, June 3, 2011

Born, a 1st Grader!! (Almost)

I truly remember when Cole was three months old, someone said, "Don't blink...they grow up before you know it."  I had heard that before, but it had never registered until then.  Even at that time I couldn't believe how fast three months had gone by.  Now I'm writing about his kindergarten graduation.  I seriously have to sit and ponder all the memories, just to realize that it actually has been that long.

Cole is my pistol.  He came out of the womb ready to take life by the horns.  (Like that?? ;)  He has NEVER liked to sleep, and it took me until his sleep-loving brother came along for me to realize it wasn't me; it was just Cole's personality.  Another thing I heard way back when was that kids who fight sleep are smarter and feel like they need to be accomplishing something and don't have time to sleep.  Of course I didn't buy it.  Not then; not now.  But there may be more truth there than not.  I'm going somewhere with this....hhhmmmmmm.....(Dori moment....pardon me.....)

First came his first day care.  A home-based center that lasted a couple months with us because they let him leave with Shane without ID-ing him (whom they'd never met before), all because "You can tell it's his dad just by looking at him."  Ummmm....NO.  Then a wonderful child care center that he was at for a few years that we LOVED, but had to move him because it was out of our school district.  Then one more center in our district.  Point is, by the time he started pre-k, I knew a good teacher when I saw her.  And on Meet the Teacher night, I was very pleased and comfortable to leave him for his first day of preK with Mrs Hodges.  The whole school year that year confirmed my impressions of her.  So kindergarten was a BREEZE!!  Now I have two months or so to get used to the fact that I have a first-grader.  One which goes to school all day, no nap, then to football practice for two hours.  (I'm feeling a little nauseous.)

I couldn't be more proud.  Here are a few pics of his big day.

With Randy.

Mrs. Hodges, prek teacher.

Mrs. Carothers, Kindergarten teacher

Papa and Nana





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